Zachary Merton Ward - LON - May 2021


This place was all the rage so me and a mate went for a look around. If you like your decay with muscles then this was the place to be though I heard itís all locked up again now. We went quite late in the evening so had to light paint most of the pictures, hence quality is a bit variable. Upper floors are pretty bouncy so Iím not sure how much longer they will be in situ.

Potted History.

The Zachary Merton Building, a Convalescent Ward opened in 1936 with 44 beds. It was originally called The Convalescent Ward; but in 1961 it was renamed the Zachary Merton Ward, after the trust by the same name. In the late 70s; the kitchens and offices of the building were altered for use by the Scoliosis Unit and in 1982 the hospital came under control of the Bloomsbury Health Authority following a major NHS reorganisation. Looks to have closed in the 80ís.

1st Floor.



Off the corridor were these smallish rooms.



All with about the same amount of decay.



Another corridor pic a bit further down.



Remains of the telephone system.



The main staircase, has a 30's vibe to it.




Ground floor level.



The ground floor also had a long corridor with much larger rooms off it.



The rooms would have been very lit back in the day with plenty of windows.



Mostly full of crap now.




Mooah Corridors




We didn't find the theatre.