Woolwich Co-op  - LON - Sept 2010


This place has been due for demo for a good few years now so maybe it's time will come shortly, it possibly being given a brief reprieve by way of the recession. Not a lot of info about this site other than it used to be a Co-op department and was also called Scottley's for reason's I have no idea of. I wanted to see this place is because of it's art deco-ness; the outside looks good but on the inside the only main features left are the stairs and some detailing on the doors and pillars, but they do not disappoint. The roof is pretty cool too. However, the rest of the inside of the building has had it.


There does appear to be some quite strong opposition to demolishing the building so maybe they will luck out and convince everyone to let it stay, even though it does not fulfil the criteria for listing.



A small cinema for some reason.














Fantastic stairs.



The design spells "Co-op".



Could almost be Italian.




The back stairs, squeezed into a triangle bolted on to the rear of the building.