Watford ROC HQ - Jan 2012


The Watford Royal Observer Corps HQ was built in 1943 specially for the group. The group was disbanded in 1968 but the site was kept on for training purposes. It was eventually sold to a vets practice who use the site for storage. Visited as an organised event, it's a nice site, very well preserved but most of the place is filled with cat carriers, bird cages and various other animal detritus so it's a bit hard to take any pictures without all the animal paraphernalia detracting from them greatly. Shouldn't complain though, they could well have stripped out the lot!

Main Corridor.



Shower room.



Another room showing the original ventilation system still in place









The main room.



Various stuff left around...



Got to have tea!



More stuff.



Telecom equipment.







The door to the day after the visit from the Four Horse Men of the Apocalypse


Plant room.







Filtration Room.