Thamesteel - Sheerness - April 2015


This is a fantastic site and I would urge anyone to get there before it's gone. Easily the most intact industrial site I've seen since Pyestock and pretty vast at that. We spent a good few hours wondering the site and I would think I could go again for another good few hours and come away with a totally different set of pictures.


Thamesteel closed around 2012 after collapsing into administration. It was previously a foundry and rolling mill and had been established around 1972. Some of the site looks to have contained some of the original plant along with primitive, electro-mechanical control rooms but other areas looked more modern with closed circuit process monitoring tv and computers in the control rooms. There has been some talk about re-opening the site and, although the place looks like the workers have just downed tools and gone for a fag, I would have to say it looks just this side of too far gone to be economical to reinstate. In one area there had also been a huge roof collapse that looks to me to be very expensive to sort out.