RAF Cheddington - March 2013


RAF Cheddington has roots in the first world war but was more extensively used in the second. It's now used mainly for various kinds of commercial use and certainly appears to have some kind of activity going on what ever day of the week it is.

Most of the old buildings are still in place but they have either been converted to farm use or are so wrecked as to be not worth photographing. I did find one building that still seemed to have a fair amount of the original features (well, I would like to think so) so this is the only part of the site I've posted.

A more extensive history can be found here



I like a nice bit of Bakelite.



It would be nice to think this was still the original tape stuck to the windows during the war to prevent the shattering glass.




Sadly a rummage revealed nothing of interest. The junk right at the back appears to be stage backdrops.



A detail from a urinal. I wonder how many service men pissed over this.



I heard that "Radiovisor was a company which manufactured photo-electric alarm/door activation systems. The example shown probably dates from late 40's-50s".



Right at the far end there where a set of rooms with strange pipes up the walls and ventilation ducts. I would have thought they where some kind of cold store for meat or whatever but why have...




...this massive solid door and steel bar door protecting it?



And this combo lock on the solid door.