Luton Air Raid Shelter - Low Town - 2014


The Low Town shelter is enormous - I think it's close to being as big as the Shorts shelter down Rochester. The only downside I would say is that it's all much the same, but it's really about the experience of being in a space this big, underground. We went on a very hot July day, so it was like diving into a pool of cool water once we were in.

Typically, the air shaft. Each shelter has one, located around the centre of the structure. I'm guessing there was some sort of fan at the top of shaft to keep the air circulating.


The view back down the ladder.

Construction consist of a Luton Brick arch with rendered sides and typical "stone" benches.

The shelters were all built to with these "elbows" in them to help break up the blast of any bombs that should hit.

A "linking" tunnel, to another set of stairs. The echo down here was something else.

And some stairs leading to now concreted over entrances.

There were many sets of stairs in this shelter

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