Luton Air Raid Shelter - Town Centre - 2014


When we first went to the Town Centre in winter it was well flooded at the lowest point making it so inaccessible we only saw a small amount of it. We went back again in the the summer and found the flood had gone so it was possible to access the whole shelter, which revealed some interesting old posters.


The stair case down to the shelter. The original street level entrance has long since been concreted over.



A view of the concreted over street level access. The ladder was pretty much just rust.



Light fittings. The glass cone was red for some reason.



A bit further in and it's possible to see quite a pronounced downward slope.



Going further down... the distance the flood (the slabs on the floor where once benches that the public sat on)



This was a far as we got on the first visit.



On another visit, the flood gone we could explore further so found these alcoves used for the toilets.



Even when the flood had gone a stinking, silty mess was left behind.



Some of the old electrical conduit and lamps piled up in a corner.



Finding these posters was the highlight of the visit.





And some ancient graffiti.




An old lead acid battery.






Not sure what this was for but I've included it anyway. It may have been added at a much latter date.


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