Luton ABC - May 2014

Here's one from a while back. Unfortunately this place has been largely fcuked over so it's a bit derpy inside with all of the actual cinema spaces being pretty much striped out back to the bare earth on the floors so I didn't take any pictures of them. Or maybe I didn't have a decent torch. One or the other, can't remember. One thing I DO remember though, and that was the smell. Yoiks! The projection galleries still had a fair amount of ancient electrical equipment knocking about which I always enjoy, being a bit of a sparks on the side. The back staircases and steel windows are nice and there are still a bits of the original plasterwork about if you dig deep enough. Worth a trip if your in the area.

The 1,892 seat Savoy Cinema opened on George Street (a main town centre thoroughfare) on 17 October 1938. It was designed by Associated British Cinemas(ABC) in-house architect William R. Glen and immediately assumed the leading position in the ABC cinemas in town (the Empire Cinema closed two days earlier, but the Alma Cinema and Union Cinema continued for many years).

It closed in April 1971 for tripling and emerged as a three screen complex in September 1971. There were 632 seats in Screen 1 (former circle) and 458 and 272 in screens 2 & 3 (former stalls).

It was renamed Cannon in April 1986. When a new 10-screen Cineworld multiplex opened just a short walk down the street in 1998, the Cannon continued for another two years, finally closing in November 2000. It has lain empty since, despite several plans to establish an arts centre / theatre in the building.