Kingsway Tram Tunnel - LON - Oct 2009

Plenty of information about the tunnel on the Sub Brit web site here. Access was briefly allowed to the public as part of an art installation known as "Chord". Not being one to miss an opportunity, I booked myself on one of the early tours.


Entrance, with tram tracks still in place. They must be last left in London.



Every urban explorers dream.



Just inside.




A bit further in, the island station in the centre view.



The station, behind the tiling are the stairs leading to street level.



View from the other end of the island.



Stairs to street level.



The station just beyond the stairs. The tube map and signs are fake and where used as part of a film set in the film The Escapist.








Beyond the station.



"Chord". In their own words...


Conceived specifically for the long subway, the artist has built two identical rope machines that will weave a thick hawser from 324 spools of coloured string. These vast machines will begin back to back in the centre of the space and then gradually move away from each other slowly down the subway following the old tram tracks. Like two huge spiders, they will slowly weave their rope behind them as they slowly travel through the space over the course of the exhibition.