House of Mosaics - Tring - Jan 2012


What can I say about it? From the outside it's just a very plain nondescript building, but on the inside, well, it would probably be a pretty boring average derp where it not for the fact that the ground floor has been extensively decorated using mosaics in a sort of Moroccan style. Upstairs was completely and utterly stripped and was like any other plain semi so I left it. The junk piled up in the middle of the front room was fencing and/or a shed from the garden. Weird. It would be interesting to know a few of the facts behind this house but the whole thing is a total mystery. It looks like there was quite a big fire here at one point but what's that got to do with it is any body's guess. Lot's of children's books and toys left behind, again, no idea why.















Staying for breakfast.