Finnamore Wood Young Offenders Institute - Bucks - Dec 2013

The site really took me back to my roots and reminded me very much of how Harperbury used to be around 6 or 7 years back. It's also pretty untouched due to its location. Not sure why every photog warrior hasn't been down here to hit the site up with some vicious HRD and gas masks. There might also be more to give if one could be arsed to take the time to dig a bit deeper...

Finnamore Wood in Buckinghamshire was a Young Offenders Institution which closed down on the 1st September 1996. All of the inmates were moved to the still existing Huntercombe YOI near Henley on Thames. The site was in use as a Young Offenders Institution (YOI) (ie a Borstal) from 1960 onwards and had been originally established as a summer camp for children, later used for housing urban evacuees and refugees during the Second World War and again used as a holiday camp during the 1950s.

Toilet block (note the unbreakable glass)






Art therapy building




The site had a working farm, lots of old paperwork is still in place.








Fine dining.




Overall, grim.