Branston Pickled Machine Gun Factory - Branston - Feb 2018

Like many "in vogue" sites the Branston Pickled Machine Gun Factory was all the rage for a while and Landie Man wasn't taking no for an answer so off we went. Nice building but mainly empty. Quite a long drive for me, well outside my comfort zone. But we did get very lucky with the February light. Beautiful.


So the first stop was the clock tower to check out the clock work. Which was still running like, er, clock work.

Up in the crows nest.

Then more sexy illuminations.

Waz dept.

Skylights. Can't do without a decent skylight.

Had to be done.

Then this find. Holy WOW! A proper Strowger exchange. This should be in a museum, very, very rare these days.


Mmmm. Relay-ey

Backup battery-ey


Induction coil-ey

And a last pic.

Thanks for watching.


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