Beer Quarry - Dorset - August 2013


I dropped in on this place whist on holiday near by, combining business with pleasure.


Beer Quarry is the younger brother of the Beer Quarry caves, which were originally first cut by the Romans, and still used up until the 1920’s. The ‘newer’ quarry started life around 1885, producing crushed rock, agricultural Lime, and top quality stone which was easy to mine, and that can be sawn or squared in any direction due to the uniform structure of the rock. Freshly quarried it is easy to carve but hardens on exposure to the air, turning a beautiful creamy white colour. The stone from Beer has been used in Church construction as well as halls and castles. The stone has been found in Saxon and Norman churches, and buildings like Westminster Hall and Abbey, the Tower of London, Winchester Cathedral and Exeter Cathedral.




Check in.


Access obtained.



Dump chute.

Plant room.

Just inside.

A bit further in.

Around the next corner.


And a metal support.

Around the middle, about as deep as it's possible to get.

After a while I found myself in this open area.

The quarry done, it's time for a quick look in the site office. In tray.


Pest control.